Summer Retrospective, Part 1

Having been largely absent this summer, I finally took the time to update you all on my goings-on from the past couple months!

First up is ceramics work!

Pottery Planters

I’ve spent a fair bit of time at the Lincoln Square Pottery Studio and Learning Center this summer. I look forward every day to going to this quiet ceramic haven. P.S. If you’re interested in working with clay, this is an incredibly supportive community.  Meg Biddle, who heads up the studio, is the most patient teacher out there. Pottery has always been an outlet that I try not to take too seriously.  My imagination runs in tangents that have a tendency to never be fully realized, but it’s an opportunity to exercise my creativity and work through some new ideas.  I decided to spend a bit of time this summer on floral themes and eye motifs.  And since my house plants had long outgrown their original homes, planters became the focus.


poppys and eyes, gouche and watercolor

New planter for my ambitious aloe plant!

New planter for my ambitious aloe plant!


By the way, these pix are credited to Mieke Zuiderweg, the studio photographer. Mieke wears many hats, one of which is crafting architecturally inspired sculpture such as these quirky cubist-esque planters and European villages:

These look like wierd beings all grouped together

These look like weird beings all grouped together

This reminds me a little of when I was at Mont St Michel, one of the seven wonders.

This reminds me a little of the houses at Mont St Michel, one of the seven wonders.

Check out more of Mieke’s work here and keep posted with the latest Chicago ceramics at the studio Instagram; lotsa good stuff.

Heading into the fall, I am loving on porcelain!  I find porcelain to be a very challenging medium to master.  It feels so different from other clay bodies. The composition of porcelain particles is smaller and more uniform then other clays. This means that the medium tends to be very responsive on the wheel, requiring a delicate touch.

It’s worth mastering porcelain because it has this addictive delicate glowing quality. To get a better grip on this fickle medium I am focusing on smaller pieces like mugs (coming soon!).  I would like to explore the natural white porcelain offset with black glaze inspired by contemporary artist Shio Kusaka. Her work combines traditional Japanese painting techniques with a touch of modern. I especially like her urns featuring dinosaurs.

This is so amazing

This is so amazing, by Kusaka

Ciao for now, but soon to follow, I have a book review, a wacky documentary and more random bursts about artists making sense of the world!

Also special thankyou to Jessie Kotarski for editing this summer series! Hearts!


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