Pottery Practice, Reflecting on the Past Year

A couple weeks ago this site asked me to renew; and I realized I haven’t even thought about my blog in a year. A lot has happened in the past year; I got a smart phone in my life, I became engaged, and I’ve become more involved in ceramics then I have been ever previously in my life.

Having learned to throw on a wheel in middle school, and even using my babysitting money to purchase an electric pottery wheel in high school, I have been drawn to the quiet meditation of making pots for 15 years now. In the past this endeavor was always a refuge of non judgement, spinning clay on the wheel was a ‘fun thing’. It was separate from my painting practice, and it was private.

This year has proved to be a break-through year for me in clay, in that I have crossed a mental bridge, from simple glazed pots to creating paintings and images on clay. This has ignited a drive of dual passions – painting and pottery.

In this journey, I have become more invested in creating a more perfect form, a lighter wieght vessel. I am exploring small accents that make a handmade piece special, such as a carved foot on a bowl or vase, or an altered rim to a pet’s food dish. This feeds into the paintings and carved images on the work itself, and makes the process meaningful to me.

My paintings on paper and canvas have often explored my personal relationships, often through surreal portraiture. I have noticed that in ceramics this year, my work diverges in subject matter, depicting animals and nature, initially focusing on the oceans  and state of the seas, but also the scenery I grew up with in upstate NY and Quebec.

My brother’s such a sport to pose for me!

Inspired after reading about these amazing animals on the brink of extinction

American Catch is a fantastic book about the state on American Fisheries today, highly readable!

As I have grown in confidence in my pottery, I have become more open in sharing my work.   I take pleasure from making pieces that others can connect with, and the special place that handmade functional art has in our lives. I am attaching photos of some of my favorites from the past year, for more work, check out my shop . I am excited to see how my work progresses in the coming year. Thanks for reading!

Experimenting with glaze and gold luster!

This year I have decided to work on perfecting my vase and large vessel forms.

This vase features gold, glaze and stain decoration.


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