Cocktails and Art are my two favorite playthings. I work in a bar at night and paint-paint-paint during the day.  Here, I’ll run the gamut on related projects, techniques, and going-ons about the like in Chicago, my home base.

See a painting you like? Click on it and it will connect you to my Etsy Store or contact me directly at emiliebsquared@gmail.com

If your in Chicago, check out my prints on display at Wolfbait & B Girls, a Logan Square store selling local made goods.

Past Solo Shows

New Wave Coffee. Chicago, Summer 2014.

Green Eye. “Isolate”. Served on Atomic Sketch live art panel. Chicago, Spring 2013.

Studio Within. “Ephemeral Relationship”. Chicago, Fall 2011.

Select Group Shows

Head First Studio. “Unfiltered, One Night Extravaganza”. Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. Chicago, Fall 2014.

Desdemi Gallery. Chicago, Winter 2013.

Quennect 4 Gallery. Chicago, Summer 2012.

Echoes of Chicago. “Where The Heart Is”. Also preformed live air brush painting at event. Chicago, Spring 2012.

Milwaukee Arts Festival. “Half Truths” & “My Own Worst Enemy”. Chicago, Summer 2011.

Coles Bar. Any Squared Project. Two person Show. Chicago, Spring 2011.

Morpho Gallery. Chicago, Winter 2011.

Gallery MK. “Belle Mystique”. Chicago, Fall 2010.


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