Celebrate the Cocktail

When I started bartending for real, with regular shifts, I had the worst shifts that nooo one would possibly want. But it was a gig I actually was extremely pleased to have landed. I had been waiting to play this role. The banter with the guests. The showmanship. The constant flurry of activity.

Silly, but what I did not expect was that I would really love learning about and understanding flavor profiles.  The task of a bartender at any relatively respectable place is to create a drink with which one can indulge the senses. How do I enjoy my cocktail? Read More


Up in Smoke: Volcano Series

The volcano series was about 2 years in the making. I had been playing with the idea of volcanos in other works, and it eventually evolved into this collection. It is also my first more developed project in airbrush.

I was drawn to the concept of volcanos in this series because they are a vehicle of change, turmoil, and renewal. An erupting volcano has the potential to change a landscape in a matter of hours. They can delay air travel for months (bummer if you had a trip planned to Europe, 2010)! Read More